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  • Hi, I already mentioned this in the plugins main forum, but hoped I might get something more specific here. With the help of another member I have determined that this is Theme My Login related. The login and registration pages are displaying a white body background instead of my #2e2e2e. I see that the css has been added to the head section of the pages. Please advise how I can change this. I have looked through the plugin css files (still looking at all the other files), but am hoping you can speed things up for me. Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    The header is a global feature if you go to Appearance > Editor and find the header.php on the right, use CTRL + F to find #2e2e2e and then modify this to whatever you need.

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    Custo you sound like you know what you’re talking about, so maybe you can help me.

    I downloaded this plug-in and activated it in less than five minutes and it’s almost perfect! The only thing I would like to do is add a border, preferably with rounded corners, so that the login in the sidebar is a little more defined. I’ve searched through the theme-my-login.css file but can’t seem to find it.

    Appreciate any help you can offer.

    Thank you.

    Hi ChecMark, I know you are not asking me but I got an email to say someone had posted here, so decided to talk to you. I believe what you want is to add the desired border to the very first line in theme-my-login.css (line 1: .login). I followed your link and looked at that section in Developer (right-click; Inspect Element in Chrome) and found that it is definitely that block. I never did find the solution to mine. It was obviously a conflict between plugins somewhere; so I stopped using Theme My Login. If that is not the block you want, ie. if you want it around the block heading too, you will need to put a border in your theme style.css line 815; but that means each of your widgets will have that border.

    I was actually thinking of a border around the whole thing, but now that I look at it again I don’t think there is room for a full border. The styling with the cutout lines looks pretty good as it is so I’ll live with it. Thanks for helping though.


    Depending on what browser you’re using, you can just right click on the area that you’re looking to customize and “inspect element” (commonly found in Chrome and Firefox), they’ll both tell you the stylesheet information so that you can go about updating the code, by either overriding the .css file provided by the script OR placing it into your style.css file for the theme itself and utilizing the !important tag to override the information on the scripts .css file.

    Yes, I’ve used the “inspect element” many times. Thanks for the information.


    Hi ChecMark, Yes when I looked at your site I have to admit I wondered why you would bother with borders when it looked pretty good already. I think it forms its own subtle border just by the way you have it set out. Good luck with it all.

    Off topic, which I know is a cardinal sin, but you appear knowledgeable and helpful, so I don’t want to lose you. I’m really struggling with finding a good multiple sidebar plug-in.

    Years ago I created a City Portal site with multiple sections like Real Estate, a Business Directory and so on. It was vital to the concept and to the financial model to have unique sliders on each section’s Feature Page and unique sidebars, primarily for advertising. Although the developer of the slider promised for months to release a multiple slider, but never did, I did find a great multiple sidebar plug-in. Do you think I can find it now? Not a chance. I’ve looked at a number of plug-ins but when I look at their support forums they appear to be a mess.

    I do apologize for being off topic here but I’m desperate. Appreciate any help you can offer.


    I am not sure I fully understand. Starting with the sliders, do you mean like a marquee, perhaps at the top of each section? If so, you don’t really need a plug in, you can add a flash slider. I haven’t used Flash since it was Macromedia not Adobe; I make my life easier by using a little program called Flash Slideshow Maker. It was an inexpensive program I bought a few years back. Or you can use a javascript ConveyorBelt or a simple marquee, although a lot of people frown on them. This flash header I did in Flash Slideshow Its not wordpress, I did the site from scratch, but I just want to clarify if it is the type of thing you want. Obviously you would not want it to be this big, but those types of settings are in the parameters. Or this page I just shoved together for you has examples of conveyor belt at the top and a marquee beneath. If you are not sure about the code I can help you; but if this is not what you mean by slider, let me know exactly what you want. If it is just a simple image rotator you want there is a very good plugin here but it is a widget designed for the widget area. As far as the multiple sidebar, again I am not sure exactly what you mean but I will look into it for you.

    Not sure if this is the type of thing you want

    There’s lots of slider plugins I have not looked at any of them but I imagine most would be as simple as adding their snippet to wherever you want it to appear on the page. Anyway, let me know if none of these solves the problem.

    Wow! You are SO helpful and smart! Do you want to collaborate on a project?

    If you went to my site you saw the images on the home page which is what I am referring to as a “slider”. As you know, with any basic theme you can have this appear on just the home page or on all pages. The concept with the City Portal was to have my own section images on the home page, like Real Estate, Business Directory, etc. When you then clicked, for example, on Real Estate, you saw another slider, but this one was unique to the Real Estate section. The idea was to sell these slider links which would then take you either to their own site, or to a mini-site on our site. These section pages would also have unique ads in a unique sidebar, again relative to the section.

    I might mention here that until the project collapsed, partly because I left Panama, and also because the developer never followed through with the unique sliders, there was a huge amount of interest from advertisers. I had approached some of the banks, grocery stores, hotels and so on and they couldn’t sign up fast enough, partly because I said there were only five slider positions available in each section.

    On the unique slider concept, although I am no coder, I suggested a simple “if/then” statement, “if page-ID=XX then slider Y”. The same would be true for the unique sidebars. Maybe too simple?

    To me City Portals are an excellent opportunity to build out very user friendly sites. No one uses the old Yellow Page directories anymore, but allowing them to navigate exactly where they want to go, then providing useful information is attractive to both users and advertisers. Who pays any attention to Google or Facebook ads, regardless if they match your search interests? They are “push” not “pull” without permission, so they are just more garbage.

    Just one man’s opinion, of course.

    Hold off on the ‘so smart’, ChecMark; I’m just a self-taught person who loves building websites. I do not profess to be an expert. Sorry I missed that slider when I first went there because I was concentrating on the overall design and feel in relation to the sidebars etc. Yes, that is a javascript slider. How strange. Why is access to the pages in your menu restricted by a Wordfence firewall that only allows a limited number of clicks per minute? Reason: Exceeded the maximum global requests per minute for crawlers or humans.
    I agree with the Google and Facebook ads; people (like me) have learned to ignore them. Interesting thought, though. Give me a day or so to think about it. I am working on three other new sites at the moment. However, of the other 5 I have previously built and still manage I might end up losing 3 because I have had a falling out with one of the main owners (my sister; never work with family!). It’s a pity; all 3 are in the top ten of Google in their respective searches. But it does mean that I could have more time on my hands. I will think about it and get back to you soon. Plus I will think about the sliders etc.

    Checking out this one –

    Their Indexo slider.

    Looks like it might solve my issue.



    Looks good. Still not sure it will solve the issue of using a different slider per page though, unless you can use a separate snippet in each page. Worth a try.

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