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    I love this plug-in, and it is exactly what my wife needed for her website. Unfortunately this has come at the cost of higher page load times. I would like to make a suggestion which would dramatically increase the rendering speed of this plug-in. You should be using image sprites for the buttons, not separate images. This would increase the load time substantially. For example use the following example CSS code to carve out the buttons from 1 image:

    background-position: 0 0;
    width: 64px;
    height: 64px;
    background-position: -64px 0;
    width: 64px;
    height: 64px;
    background-position: -128px 0;
    width: 64px;
    height: 64px;

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  • I just wanted to suggest the same thing.
    It’s a simple update and we will all benefit a lot from it.


    I found a performance workaround that works well. I just pasted base64 image strings into the “custom image” boxes in the plugin settings.


    Sounds great! But unfortunately I don’t know exactly what you mean.
    I opened: Share Buttons > Style Settings > Custom CSS

    Now what should I insert there?

    Right now I just have: .ssba img {width: 30px; height: 30px;}

    Would be very helpful if someone could explain me how to implement this.

    Thank you!

    Go here and encode your images into base64 strings, then go to your “basic” plugin options and select custom image set. Type


    followed by the base64 string in the custom image box with no spaces. Do not hit upload, just save changes at bottom of page when your done with all of your images.

    Your a genius!
    It’s working, thank you 🙂

    Plugin Author Simple Share


    Hi guys,

    I’ve just released Simple Share Buttons Plus, it uses a CSS sprite and is retina-ready too.

    On top of that every click to share is saved so you can check out the stats from your dashboard 🙂

    Awesome, just bought it!

    Nice I’m going to buy as well

    What happened to the button count?

    Plugin Author Simple Share


    I plan to add it soon. The reason it’s not there at the moment is some people’s servers don’t have the PHP functionality required on their server to use what SSBA does. The intention is to use which shall ensure everyone can get the counts.

    I would also like at some point to add the option of showing a total share count too! Watch this space…

    The total share count sounds like a great ideas!

    Maybe it’s even possible to read out the comment count from popular services like livefyre, disqus or wordpress comments, just like they do it.

    The Hover-Effect on their buttons is also cool, very simple, would be nice if we could use that too.

    You should also raise the price a bit, I think £1.99 is way to low for such a great plugin!

    Plugin Author Simple Share


    Glad you like it! I shall certainly look into the comment count too!

    Nice you think the price is too low, thanks! It’s only set at that price until June 27th, where I’ll decide if people will still pay if it goes up 🙂

    Don’t forget to activate your license so that you get auto-updates! If you go to the ‘License’ option, copy and paste your license in and click ‘Save changes’, an ‘Activate license’ option should appear.

    I didn’t receive a mail with the license code, where do I find it?

    How is it possible to use the buttons that you are using on your site? they also have this simple hover effect 🙂

    Plugin Author Simple Share


    Seems to have come through ok, can you let me know the domain your email address is on please? I’ll then forward it over to you.

    The share buttons you see on that page are the default that come with Simple Share Buttons Plus 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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