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  • Hi anyone in w3tc,

    I am seeking for help, thanks in advance.

    I am integarted use W3TC and CloudFlare which have good page load (with WooCommerce) below 1.00s touching 0.5+s at Vancouver, Canada and at 0.6+s at Dallas, USA (gtmetrix). First Bytes graded “A”, document completed load 1.6+s and reduced HTTP request within 25 (webpagetest).

    Recently (even in 9.3 & 9.4). Once I activate CSS & JS HTTP (gzip) compression in browser cache (painful detection process), clear all cache and clear browser cache. The first browser view the CSS minify files (JS minify files was OK) caused website broken – cannot created properly and (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED). The repeat browser view will fine (completely created CSS minified file with gzip). But after designated minify clear interval, the problem happen again. It also same problem after disabled charset utf-8 support at page cache section

    Currently disabled CSS & JS HTTP (gzip) compression in browser cache (caused page load 5s-6s and CSS & JS minified files request speed load 1+s to 2+s) and to workaround this problem I MUST activated CloudFlare CDN to achieved page load same as above mentioned.

    Previously without CloudFlare, the page speed load average about 2.10s with 80+ to 100+ HTTP request page load.


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  • Hi anyone in w3tc,

    Refer above comment and updated status today:
    Without disabled CSS & JS HTTP (gzip) compression in browser cache my CSS minified files can created (10.50AM today) (without gzip) at the fist browser view without broken my website.

    Hope any advice, thanks in advance.

    Not sure if it could be a cause, but CloudFlare also automatically does gzip. What CloudFlare gzips.

    I could also see you having an issue if you minify turned on at both CloudFlare and W3TC (will generally create a conflict), so you would want to make sure you have minify turned on in one place.

    Some other tips for using CloudFlare and WordPress to minimize the chance of having problems.

    Thanks you tips. Combined (use w3tc html, css, js minify) use was superfast. The only CloudFlare did not offering combine the CSS ans JS minified files to reduce HTTP request.

    Just need find out the reasons caused the W3TC combined CSS minified files failed to HTTP gzip compression.

    Welcome ny others advise.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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