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  • hi, i’m trying to convert the Fjords theme from 4 to 3 columns, and at the moment it’s only half working. i can get the three columns, but then the 4th one sort of just gets squished down into the corner. also, my header either disappears or is strangely resized.

    i’m not sure if i’m just missing something small, or if there’s an entirely different way i should be going about this.

    please help!

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  • Without a link to your site it is impossible for anyone to see what you’ve done.

    sorry! it’s

    the header issue seems to have magically resolved itself, but there’s still some weirdness going on underneath the sidebars.

    I’d add something like this to your stylesheet:

    #sidebar-3 {

    This should shove the fourth column (third sidebar) below the other columns.

    To get this to work, you’ll also want to remove the #sidebar-3 reference from the embedded stylesheet.

    From this:

    #content, #sidebar-1, #sidebar-2, #sidebar-3  {

    to this:

    #content, #sidebar-1, #sidebar-2  {

    thanks sewmyheadon, that helped a bit. now the 4th column is all the way at the bottom of the page.. which i suppose i could live with, but is there any way to get rid of it entirely?

    Yeah, I was sort of taking the approach of converting it into a footer.
    Personally, I like it as a footer.

    To get rid of #sidebar-3 entirely, you could remove its sections from the theme’s files and adjust the CSS accordingly.

    You could, of course, set #sidebar-3 to display:none; and it would go away, but that’s probably not the best solution if you’re looking to wipe out this section entirely.

    Being lazy, I’d call it a footer and call it a day. 🙂

    ahh, the footer idea would be cool, but it wasn’t working out too well. fortunately, the display:none; fix worked like a charm!

    thanks a bunch 🙂

    Frances, Just be warned that the display:none; approach is something that some search engines can frown on. It’s a technique spammers could use to embed lots of ‘invisible’ content into a page.

    The better way would be to convert it to a footer, or remove it entirely.

    Just my two cents.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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