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  • trying to keep uo


    Hello I updated my Site as coaxed by the site itself and after updating I had to chase some bugs out. Like my videos were off center and my Footer was switched with my Welcome Php. I did get some help enough to understand that it is my CSS
    On my blog page my welcome PHP is slammed to the bottom and not floating top right in a about a 300pix box as usual? I do not see the Command line or code to instruct the Welcome.php in the CSS. Am I missing it or is not there?

    If it is missing what is the command code for it please?

    The CSS page looks like this:

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  • ChristiNi


    Hello trying to keep uo,

    I noticed you have this div tag for the Welcome bit of your website:

    <div id=”welcome”>

    You’ll want to add css to your style.css file in order to control how that div appears.

    I also noticed that the theme designer welcomes questions specific to using the theme:

    Hope this helps!

    trying to keep uo


    @christini I will use the link as I am not sure what Css I would put to instruct it to size correctly. Thanks for that.

    trying to keep uo


    Followed the link it is to hire someone to work on my site BTW..It was an update that ‘jarred the look’ of it….

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