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  • When I post using the wp WYSIWYG editor, it seems to automatically convert any number of hard returns to a single <p>

    The posted material ultimately looks different than what it does in the editor. The author finishes a line, hits two returns, such that the editor shows the new paragraph far removed from the last paragraph, but when posted they are only single spaced apart.

    If I change the bottom margin for p then everytime someone hits even a single return they’ll look like different paragraphs.

    It would probably make more sense to convert each hard return into a br and then convert two hard returns into a p with a set bottom margin.

    Can anyone suggest a workaround for this?

    Also, when an author bolds text, it inserts strong around the text, but it’s not strong enough in the posted result to show up. Perhaps it’s my font style, which I like. Is there anyway to make it appear bolder?

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  • To make it clearer, here’s what I’m getting. I typed out each of the following sentences in the WYSIWYG editor, and then hit return the number of times I stipulated:

    First line, hit return once.
    Second line, hit return once.
    Third line, hit return once.
    Fourth line, hit return twice.
    Fifth line, hit return twice.
    The end.

    And if you look at the source, once it’s posted, it shows each of those lines between the p tags:

    <p>First line, hit return once.</p>
    <p>Second line, hit return once.</p>
    <p>Third line, hit return once.</p>
    <p>Fourth line, hit return twice.</p>
    <p>Fifth line, hit return twice.</p>
    <p>The end.</p>

    It doesn’t distinguish between one hard return, two hard returns, … n hard returns. It assigns a single p for however many consecutive hard returns you type.

    How can you assign two hard returns to p and one hard return to br ? Anyone?

    Shift-return or shift-enter should get you a line break.

    That does work. It’s frustrating, because it’s not “what you see is what you get”, like in this editor. In this editor, at, if I hit a single return (like such)
    it takes me to the next line (not treating it as a new paragraph). When I hit return twice (like such)

    then the text appears two lines below, and it gets posted the same way, and thus “what you see is what you get”. My editor converts all returns (one, two consecutive ones, three consecutive ones, etc.) to a single p. So if I want to write a poem or lyrics, where each line is not a new paragraph, but just a new line, then I have to remember to do shift-return for each line.

    That’s not really obvious or clear to most users — especially strangers I hope to have in the future posting on my site. How can I get my site’s editor to be “what you see is what you get”, like this editor?

    A single return does get me (Firefox on a Mac) a line break with WordPress, but it apparently does not work with everyone. I’m not sure why.

    I’m testing with Firefox and IE on MS Vista. I don’t get a line break from a single return on either browser. How frustrating.

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