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  • Hello again, all. I managed to get an extra column into my theme, but I can’t get their content to start at the top (it’s pushed down—please see here). I saw in a post by php4ever, mention of a “claer-fix” class, but I’m not sure if this is what I need, and if it is, I’m not sure how to use it. Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks a lot.

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  • You don’t need clearfix. You need CSS basics 101.
    You have a main container – I don’t know what its name is, find it. It has probably a fixed width, let’s say 700px (not a real number!).

    Now inside it you have three (3) divs: your content, sidebar1 and sidebar2. They all have a certain width.
    Remember, the width of content+sidebar1+sidebar2 must be less than 700, otherwise they don’t fit it in… and will be pushed down. Things will get even more complicated when viewed in IE, where to have to count the borders, margins, padding, too!

    Go, and get a 3 column theme that already has what you want. Why to re-invent the wheel?
    Since you are in love with Kubrick – why not google for 3 column K? (somebody did today in the forum on my advice and got his problem solved in 5 minutes)

    Hi moshu.

    Actually, I think that was me you gave the Google advice to earlier. I did find a few, but what I’ve really been looking to do is learn how to do it myself. I’m a designer, but when I must get my hands dirty (figuratively speaking, of course) doing work for the web, I usually let Dreamweaver deal with the code. I was able to handle the CSS in Movable Type pretty well, but WordPress has been much more of a challenge for me, especially since my skills at handwriting code are weak anyway. But even when learning something kicks my brain’s ass, I still feel compelled to do it. It just feels good to know.

    Anyhow, I appreciate your keystroked efforts at helping me out, and the way you sort of concealed your disdain was very thoughtful. Thanks, homey.

    Moshu, I’m trying to do what OP is doing as well.

    I found a couple of nice 3-column themes, but they would all have to be tweaked quite a bit to get the look I want. I can understand the OP wanting to just add another column. I’m in the same boat. I don’t want the look of my site to change, I just want to add a left sidebar because my right one is getting very full.

    Unfortunately, the designers of the 3-column themes I like won’t take my money for mods because of the nature of my site (nsfw). Their themes would need much more tweaking than mine would if I could just add another column. It’s not about reinventing the wheel sometimes. In my case, it’s about keeping things consistent.

    I think I described the main issue in my post above.
    It is doable, but if you have to ask about… it will be hard. Or not, depending on your experience.

    You have a main container called “wrapper” with a fixed width=750px. First, you will need to modify that in order to fit your additional sidebar. Then to create a new div with the proper floating or align where you want it. (And read above what I said about the sum of all things!)
    Furthermore, you might realize after doing correctly all of the above that your headerimage is not wide enough for the new layout…

    As you can see, things are inter-connected, and modifying one element could start a cascade effect where you have to deal with all the consequences.

    That’s why I always advise to start with an existing 3 col theme. But it’s your choice.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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