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  • for the life of me, i cant figure this one out… i am trying to center my footer underneath my post column so that it is fixed there. ive tried a few things, just cant get it to go. blog is @ . if you can provide any tips for getting it to stay under the center column, id appreciate it, thanks!

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  • Try to include it in the center colum div, this will keep the foot div inside the center column.

    <div id=”postcolumn”>

    <div id=”posts”>

    post stuff here

    <div id=”foot”>

    post stuff here


    won’t something like this force the footer to display within the bottom of the center column? i’m trying to avoid something like that, that’s actually how my previous footer displayed.

    encase *everything* in a “holding” container div. Set that div to text-align:center. Put your footer in after that three containers above it.

    That’s pretty much all there is to it.

    Alternatively, set your body to “text-align:center” (for IE), and set the footer div to “margin:0 auto;”

    ok, it’s where i want it in IE6, but Firefox/Opera display it still on the left edge of the page container. (also any ideas on the odd height of my middle column in IE6?)

    and i just noticed the text-align:center on my #page_container made all text everywhere else go centered…

    eliminated the text-align:center from #page_container, but now have my <div id="foot"> within the page container so that it is within the margins of the rest of the page. 2 more hurdles to overcome:
    1. center it under the post column
    2. figure out what is messing with my center column in ie6

    ive come to a compromise with my footer, i think it also looks better stretching across the length of the page. now i have this grey stretch of my background that shows through 🙁 but only in firefox/opera, if its not one browser, its the other, grr.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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