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  • Hi all, today I got a mail from someone having really small fonts on my site

    I use Firefox so I didn’t notice the problem, but using IE I noticed it too when using font sizes different than ‘normal’.


    ps. I use a modified version of the Fasttrack theme (see ; ) and I noticed this also has this problem.

    What’s the best way to avoid this??


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  • Since what I can see on your site is more pictures than text, what is there to read? 😉

    See Playing With Fonts in the WordPress Codex to learn more about changing your fonts.

    FYI: I’m temporarily using a old borrowed monitor that is locked at 800×600 and your site is incredibly challenging to view since I only see part of the main picture in the monitor because it is so huge. I moved around looking at different pages, trying to find some text, for a while before I realized that the sidebar was totally pushed off the screen.

    This is also important because the fonts look small but okay at 800×600, but I’m sure the moment I go back to my MUCH higher resolution, the fonts will be miniscule. Currently, your bodyfont is set to: font-size : 0.9em; and you might consider changing that to 1em.

    I’m using 1024×768 with a 19zoll Monitor but large font-size because my eyes are never the best;)
    your font-size is ok for me but your pictures are terrible I have to scroll horizontal and as Lorelle said- the sidebar push off the screen
    if you would like to reduce the width of the pictures it would help to read something–to see anything

    The site is designed for 1024×768 (it should fit with font-size ‘normal’). I’m just looking to fix the font-size (I know that’s not standard, but as the pictures are more important than the texts, it should be ok).

    Making the sizes of the pictures smaller is not an option (I would receive more bad reactions if I would do that).

    Thanks for commenting

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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