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    We all know WordPress and the auto P tag, which will defeat a float, and the solution of wrapping the image (in the HTML editor) in a DIV which is floated so the text – even with the auto generated P tags – will wrap around the photo.

    Well, it doesn’t work. I’ve got exactly that. The resultant code in the rendered page is

    <div class="float-L"><a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-25" title="bkatie" src=" etc " alt="etc" width="200" height="232" /></a></div>
    <p>There is much to say about . . . Work is: . . . </p>

    The div class “float-L” is self explanatory. The following paragraphs should wrap, but they are defying the CSS and not wrapping.

    I’d love to know why. The page is here


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  • esmi


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    You seem to have resolved this, yes?

    Yes. A thousand pardons I writhe in abasement. The .entry p css had a statement from it’s misguided creator (starocean – the template I’m using for this one) of


    which forced the p tag to the nearest place it can stretch to 100% of the width of the div it’s in. Just discovered that, and of course erased it… Now that I’ve erased that the p tag wraps as it should.

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