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    To begin with, the site has been running smoothly the way it was setup until very recently. The .css file appears to be missing when viewed in the browser (and inspecting), yet it exists on the server. In fact, the .css was recently replaced with a backup and still nothing.

    Here is the site :

    A little background as to how it was setup, first. The site exists in a subdir from the index called ‘blog’. I adjusted the settings within WordPress so I can go directly to the domain above without ‘/blog/’ in the address bar. It worked. Also, the actual location of the domain is at a developer location. The hosting was adjusted so it points to the working domain. Pretty permalinks have also been enable and worked.

    Again, everything worked for a few months with this setup until just a week ago. Browsing the error logs, I see nothing recent enough to tip me off as to what problem has occurred.

    Put simply, the browser is looking for the .css file and cannot find it, thus, it fails to style the blog. However, it does exist on the server, in the same location it has always been.

    Now, I cannot login to …/wp-login.php to assess what is going on as to why the .css files fails. When I enter ‘’ it redirects to the developer location and it tells me it doesn’t exist.

    What has happened and thus how can it be solved?

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  • images are not viewable either.

    everything seems to have been located elsewhere and that site has been shut down. how can I point the data back? all of the content has been verified to exist at ‘…/blog/’

    Can I change the value for siteurl and homeurl in the database?

    Let me sum up the problem based on what I know:

    Images and the css file are being linked to their staging site we’ll call ‘’. While the rest of the content has a path to the actual site.

    How can I change the path for all the content linked to ‘’ to the actual siteurl?

    Could this be done by changing guid within the database?

    All of the images have guids of ‘….’
    I would like to select each of those and simply replace the old url with the new url, while maintaining the path (…/wp-content/uploads/….)

    How can this be done?

    I read elsewhere guids are essentially not entirely important except for RSS feeds and images. Since my images are nowhere to be found in the browser, will changing the guid for each image within the database help bring those back to life?

    I have an idea of what is going on but I cannot find the solution.

    Welp, brought the stylesheet back but no images yet. AUGH!

    For the record, I DL-ed my sql DB, changed all instances of old staging site URL to current and uploaded. voila everything works.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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