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    Hope I’m not driving you crazy, I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions.

    Re. css files, there is lite.css in the main folder and alexandria.css in the skins folder. I’ve noticed that at least some of the styles are duplicated.

    For example, I want to rem out this: .bge4e6e9 .

    I rem it out of the lite.css file and it doesn’t affect the theme. Then I rem it out in alexandria.css and the change takes effect.

    So, I’m a little confused as to which styles are where and whether I need to edit multiple files to make changes.

    Are most/all of the styles for alexandria in the alexandria.css file? Also, do I need to be concerned about changing styles in two places for when the theme is resized (based on page width)?



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    alexandria.css is the file you should edit, lite.css will be for child theme support.

    Theme Author tskk


    Create a child theme using the sample child theme available in the theme folder, look for “ChildTheme” folder.
    Make all the changes you like to lite.css in this child theme
    Upload child theme to wp-content/themes and activate it.

    Where is the skins folder? Thanks!

    It is a subfolder in the alexandria theme folder. If you use an ftp program its pretty easy to find. I use firefox for ftp.


    Ok, thanks. Now I can’t find the childtheme, whehre’s it?

    When you modify a theme to change the way it looks and acts, you have to modify the code. What happens, though, is that after you’ve done that, the developer might update the theme itself.

    If/when you install updated theme, the changes you made will be overwritten.

    To avoid that problem, when modifying a theme, it is best to create a “child theme”. Here are the instructions:


    Theme Author tskk



    childtheme folder is also in the alexandria folder itself just like skins.

    Hi tskk,

    I’m using your theme for a really simple page, where the background image is almost the most important element, since is basically the home page. I would like to do this image responsive, but I couldn’t find where in the CSS I can change the body.backgroud-image properties, actually I would like to set the background-size to 100%.

    Here the site:

    Thank you very much.


    @naplpm: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. This topic has been resolved.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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