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  • Haven’t been able to find any similar threads in the forum, so here it goes.

    Am using the WPFolio Two theme, editing a child version. My problem is that any edits I’ve made to my child theme’s CSS aren’t recognized. This may be something simple to someone with more experience, but I’m at a loss.

    There is an @import url('../WPFolio Two/style.css');line in the child CSS calling the parent CSS. And both the parent and child folders are named correctly and in the proper structure in my FTP. All edits were made using FTP as well. Still, no changes to the child theme’s CSS will publish.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Michael


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    any edits I’ve made to my child theme’s CSS aren’t recognized.

    what are you trying to change?

    the only new style in style.css of your child theme is for a css id of #site-title which does not exist in the html of the theme.

    use a browser inspection tool such as Firebug to investigate the css selectors of your site’s elements.

    and don’t forget to clear the browser cache after any changes to the styles.

    for general formatting problems, you might better ask at a css forum

    The edits I’m talking about aren’t there anymore. They weren’t being reflected after I refreshed my FTP and my browser. So, I deleted them and went back to the default child theme css file.

    The changes were things like background color, container color, footer container, text colors, etc. All of these are simple codes that worked for me in the past but will not affect the site as it is now.

    The appearance options for WPFolio Two are extensive and allow for many css adjustments like the ones mentioned above. But even if I make my changes there (within my dashboard) and save, all the changes are overwritten and the settings revert back to default.

    How will inspecting with Firebug help me?

    Thank You.



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    The edits I’m talking about aren’t there anymore.

    not helpful …

    using a browser inspection tool should help to see what css actually gets applied and if your child styles might get overwritten by existing other styles of the theme, and by what styles, and if this is due to specificity or what.

    I also stress alot to people that they need to clear their browser cache if they run into changes not being applied even though you think they are. Sometimes browsers like to hang onto data and you just need to give them a kick to sync back up with the correct theming.

    Since your settings are also being reverted this probably isn’t the issue but it’s worth checking.
    If you’re using a caching plugin or something like cloudflare you might not see the changes.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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