• Just curious if there’s a plug-in, stand alone, or even feature in wordpress that would allow me to tweak css sheets.

    I’m currently using notepad and reloading the style sheet each time to see if it’s a good font. Kind of tedious. Perhaps there’s a better way?


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  • Sure.

    You can use the WordPress built in editor if you like, but that’s a little tedious as well by the time you change permissions, and put them back when you are done. Have you considered editing “live” via ftp client or your hosts file manager? ( you MUST make back-ups just to be safe of course! )

    Or if you like, a little safer and faster method – Firefox has some pretty good developer add-ons for “on the fly” edits from the browser. You can experiment all you like without actually making/committing any changes to your site until you find what actually works for you.

    Firebug is by far one of my favorites.

    Just an after thought:
    Notepad++ is a fantastic ( just my opinion )replacement editor for notepad. I’ve been using it for quite a while on windows. Very smart little app. Don’t let all the options fool you, it’s pretty straight forward. ( Freeware ) FileZilla is an ftp client that can be configured for live editing. ( Freeware ) I am a faithful user of WinSCP on windows machines for FTP, SFTP, and live edits. (Freeware)

    I’m currently using Firebug… though I cannot make live changes it works nice… still a tad tedious to load though.

    Then I’ve got notepad++. I’m a programmer at work and use it extensively.

    Lastly I am using firefox plugin ftp client. I’ve not done any live editing before. I like that idea. My ftp plugin is FireFTP. I’ll have to look into live editing. I like that idea.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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