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    I’m setting up my first homepage on wordpress and Im wondering why no css code works…

    First I set up a child theme – parenttheme – twentyfifteen. I duplicated the parenttheme, put that theme into a child folder on the same level as the theme folder, I renamed my style.css sheet and I gave the child folder an appropriate name. This worked.

    I tried to enter css code to the stylesheet of the childtheme via editor in the dashboard. (tried to change backgroundcolor of the sidebar and the contentbox to transparent, didn’t work. tried a lot of different codes i have found on forums f.e.
    .sidebar { background-color: #transparent; }

    the problem was always that any changes happend on my website (

    so i tried the easy way via plugin “simple custom css”
    again no result when entering codes

    in the end i reinstalled the twentyfifteen-childtheme with the plugin “child theme configurator” to avoid any mistakes. didn’t work either…

    i hope anybody has an idea what my mistake could be. i am quiete confused and stumped…
    thanks a lot!!

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  • Open your style.css and manually enter your style at the end of the file if some styles override your CSS that’s why your CSS doesn’t work

    thanks for the fast reply!

    i tried to enter it manually into the style.css file, but again it didn’t work

    do you have an idea what the reason could be that some styles override my css?…

    you only colored the .site-content orange, which is the content column, and this is not under the sidebar.

    to have tehe full page orange, including under the sidebar, try coloring .site

    could it be that it is a problem with the newest wordpress update?
    i can’t see any changes happening on my site no matter what code i enter…

    what i try at the moment is to give the white box behind the sidebar and the white box behind the content a transparent background. would be great if somebody could help me with this!!! i don’t get it…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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