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    Hi, I’m giving the plugin a try on a project I’m working on and come across a couple questions.

    In the plugin CSS, there’s one item:
    .wp-block-image {margin-bottom:1.2em}

    Why the margin is hard coded only having to be overridden? This should be a block setting in the editor.

    Then when I look into the plugin’s CSS file, there are a total of 11 repeated instances of the exact same CSS element. Why? This only creates code bloat.

    Thank you.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in. There is only one instance of .wp-block-image in our plugin. We’ve provided a style for it so images don’t hit the text above or below it. It looks like the core Gutenberg plugin also might be outputting some styles for that.

    If you are seeing multiple instances of this in our plugin, please let me know where you see that and we’ll clean that up.

    If you look into the main CSS file (blocks.style.build.css) for the plugin, there’s a bunch of CSS code in there. Doing a text search in this CSS file shows 11 instances of .wp-block-image property all having the exact same values.

    Thank you.

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