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    First off, thanks for your time and skills in developing this plugin.

    With the theme I’m working with, when I added the shortcode on a page, the testimonial footer background color inherited the theme’s footer background color.

    On the page: ivycat-ajax-testimonials/ivycat-ajax-testimonials.php
    I saw the
    <div class="ict-content">
    where the text can be styled. Awesome. But…
    I needed to remove the inherited background color… and… reposition/style the testimonial title: i.e.
    So I ended up adding two classes to the <footer> and <cite> tags such as:
    <footer class="testimonial-footer"> & <cite class="testimonial-cite"> respectively.
    Which… resolved my background color problem, and other styling requirements.

    I know that any update will totally wipe this out, so I was wondering if it was possible to add special class names to these tags in a future release?

    I haven’t read where others have run into a similar snag, but I hope this might help someone else if they do. And maybe there was an easier solution, but I needed a quick band-aid, bubble-gum and bailing-wire fix.

    It really is a great plugin, and totally did what I need it to do.

    My above long-winded comment is merely a request. I already noted my CSS additions in case of any future updates.

    Thanks again.

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  • Plugin Author Eric Amundson


    Volunteer Moderator

    Hey teamlovedesign,

    Thanks for the request and the nice review!

    I’ve had that exact same thing happen; inheriting of styles to header and footer. Rather than adding additional classes, though, I’d use the CSS cascade to target the header and footer inside the testimonial block.

    So, instead of doing something like:

    .testimonial-footer {
    	background: #fff;

    you might be able to do this:

    #ivycat-testimonial footer {
    	background: #fff;

    This makes use of the ID inserted by the plugin without having to add classes.

    Note: if you turn AJAX off, the ID is #ivycat-testimonial-static.

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