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  • On a multilingual dictionary we are using a language that requires a special font. This font looks odd for the English interface (besides we don’t want to wait for the download of the font if we’re just using English).

    It would be great if qTranslate would add a css class in the tag before the translation so that one could do something like this in the style sheet:

    .languagename {
    font-family: SpecialFont;


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  • Plugin Author John Clause


    New feature request? Do you mean front-end or back-end? Please, describe the specifications more accurately, preferably with specific examples.

    Yes, I guess this is a feature request unless you know some other way around this issue.

    So at the moment I need to add a span-tag with the class in front of each post for that specific language that has it’s own font.

    In this case I’m adding the class nuosu for the title (which will also appear as a menu item):


    This is the nuosu class:

    .nuosu {
    font-family: Nuosu SIL;


    Plugin Author John Clause


    It seems to be a useful feature. I updated list with this topic.

    If you are a developer, you are welcome to implement this feature and submit pull request at GitHub.

    @john Clause: OK, I’ve given it a go. This is a solution that should work for us, but you can judge much better if it will work generally for qTranslate X or if it needs more tweaking.

    In qtranslate-core.php, in the function qtranxf_use_language I replaced the line

    return qtranxf_use_block($lang, $blocks, $show_available, $show_empty);


    return "<div class=lang-" . $lang . ">" . qtranxf_use_block($lang, $blocks, $show_available, $show_empty) . "</div>";

    This will add a div tag with a language class in front of the translated text. E.g. <div class=lang-en>some text</div>

    If that or something similar could be implemented, that would be awesome.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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