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    I tried changing some colors in the CSS via the theme editor. I don’t see the changes in my blog. I changed the colors in clearly labeled styles (ie header). I hit the update file button. I also blew the cache in my browser and reloaded. No changes.

    Is there a trick I am overlooking?


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  • hit control+f5, if that didn’t work double check your code and make sure you didn’t make any errors



    What is control f5 supposed to do?
    – refresh my browser?
    – a wordpress command that truly updates my blog?

    I ask because I want to know what app I am supposed to be in when I do this. Thanks.

    I checked my code, there are only so many ways mess up “white;” 🙂



    Okay I tried ctrl f5 in wordpress, still no dice. Could the files be read only and will wordpress tell me if that is the case?

    I changed to the body color to bgcolor to black in the default theme, that should have been very visible.



    I checked the file directly. It did update but I do not see the changes on the blog. Here is what the section of code I altered looks like.

    This is from the style.css in the default wordpress theme. I changed the background color ( or tried to ) for the body from gray to black:

    /* Begin Typography & Colors */
    body {
    font-size: 62.5%; /* Resets 1em to 10px */
    font-family: ‘Lucida Grande’, Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;
    background-color: black;
    color: #333;
    text-align: center;



    To anticipate the next question I am using word press 2.02

    Go to the SITE and use ctrl and f5.
    It’s a “hard refresh” that ensures an uncached view of the page (I know, you said you cleared the cache already, but just try it anyway – it’s not some evasive WP only code – it’s what you can use on any site, WP built or not.)

    Just a hunch – maybe try using the color code as opposed to the word of the color? White is #ffffff, black is #000000 (zeros)

    And the default theme is notoriously wonky to modify – if you’re trying to edit the header colors in the default theme, that’s where your issue is.

    What version of WP are you using? (The latest 2.0.2 has a separate tab as to where you can change the header colors.)

    The URL would be helpful as well. We can pull the CSS from that and try to help you better.



    – I went to my blog site and did ctrol F-5 – no luck.

    – I tried the color code #000000 instead of “black” – no luck

    – I am editing the style.css file through the wordpress interface
    which is updating the file ( I checked the file directly )

    – I am using wp 2.02, I am not trying to change the header, I am
    trying to change the background color in the default theme in
    the area around the blog from gray to black.

    – the url for my site is

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    I have the post below and I have exactly the same problem. When you mean go to site to execute Ctrl F5 what exactly do you mean .. execute Ctrl F5 when page is in browser or whilst logged in Admin …

    Someone mentioned Dreamweaver not able to amend WP files .. this is how I did it .. is this a problem?



    In your header.php file, try changing the line that says

    body { background: url(""); }


    body { background: black url(""); }

    Edit: The Kubrick theme (the default wordpress theme) stores colours and background images directly in the head of your page. This means that your style.css rules will be overridden, since CSS in the head of pages takes precedence.

    It might be a good idea to remove the styles from head and put them into your style.css file, this will make it easier to edit in the future.

    Ctrl-f5 is a feature of your web browser. It has nothing to do with wordpress. When you press ctrl-f5 when viewing a web page it loads a completely fresh copy from the server, and overwrites the copy in the cache.

    (The cache is a temporary store on your computer of web pages that speeds up viewing web pages that you have already seen.)



    Okay, I think I found the issue. I saved my blog page (view source ) and found that the developer hardcoded images to substitute for colors in the default theme( he made some comments in the code to identify it as such )

    I deleted the image path and got the color I wanted in the view-source copy of the page I downloaded.

    The trouble is, I can’t find that same code in theme editor sections in word press

    It’s in the Header file — it should be labelled as Header or something similar, I can’t remember despite having edited it about a million times myself!



    Okay, I found the code in word press that uses pictures to override the style sheet..thanks.

    A warning though: the design relies heavily on images, so don’t delete the image path! Try the edit I recommended in my post above, and backup your theme files before proceeding.

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