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  • Hello
    It seems that the CSS folder is getting really huge with tons of CSS files (6708 files !!)
    there is no reason as permissions are ok, so, no issue here to delete all files. moreover, the files are 24 hours old maximum, which does not sound like erasing files issue.

    I deleted all css files from ftp, clear cache from plugin, and going back to website, and in 1 min, already 15 css files have been generated using 24Mb and keep growing.

    would is be possible that a new css is generated for each new visit or something like that ?!!!

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  • Plugin Contributor Fred


    If generate critical CSS is enabled (and print critical CSS inline is disabled) it will generate a css file for each page. If you want to avoid this, then enablePrint full CSS inline or just disable generate critical CSS.

    ok yes it was enabled. I am checking for all my websites where I enabled this plugin, using automatic wizard, and it seems that critical CSS is always enable.
    is it normal that it’s enable by default if this is generating so many files ? is it better to turn it off ?

    after disable generate critical CSS, I still have huge CSS and JS directories :
    8.9G css
    14G js

    Something is going wrong here, thx for your help.

    note : if I do clear all cache, those directories remain full. is it normal ?

    Plugin Contributor Fred


    You may try to follow this guide

    ok I do, but in 5 min I have again :
    77M css
    48M js
    so, in few hours, this will flood again the disk. website is with only posts and pages, so, there is nothing to exclude or then, there is no sense to have cache plugin 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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