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[Resolved] CSS Breaks when using search

  • Hi, I have just installed this plugin and thought it was going to do the job but have found a strange problem when using the search.
    I use it for events and if I type in part of venue name in the search bar, some of the table’s right hand column words dissapear under the sidebar widgets. If I type the full venue name in it is ok – as though it corrects itself. This is even worse when using Chrome. I currently use Firefox and it isn’t as exagerated.
    The live site it’s on is http://www.whatsoncardiff.net/events/cardiff-gigs-and-live-music-2013-listing-2013-03-04/

    If you do a search you will see that it breaks. Also I have had to add some CSS to reduce the font size down to 10px as any bigger the same thing happens to the right hand column, search or no search. The table seems too wide for the page at 12px font.

    Secondly is there a way, when viewing the table in edit mode, to sort by my imported date column, as the fields on my table are date related? This is looking like a hard task as I have hundreds of items I want to sort by date as they are easier for me to find that way. I have tried the date sort plugin for the frontend and it seems to work fine. Other than that I have to export everything out to search for the one item in csv and then import again.

    Thankyou in advance.


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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble!

    About that search problem: I just tried this in Chrome, but can not reproduce this. I can search for everything without the right hand column disappearing in any way…
    Is this happening for you while you are logged-in into WordPress?

    About sorting while on the “Edit” screen: There is a sorting available there, but it is not capable of sorting for dates at this time 🙁 Sorry. I might be able to add something for this in the future, but so far I haven’t found a working and easy implementation. Is is however on my list for a general overhaul of the “Edit” screen. As a workaround, you could maybe use the browser’s Search function, which you can access by pressing “Ctrl+F”.


    Hi thanks for the answers.

    The reason it doesn’t look broken is that I reduced the font – not good for the eyes though 🙂
    If you do a search and type in 10 (one zero that is) then you will see that the words in the right hand ‘details’ column go off the screen into the sidebar area. (Not logged in to wordpress)


    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    well, I guess reducing the font is necessary here… After all, the table content has to go somewhere. And with a larger font size, you would have to live with a very narrow last column, which would look even worse, in my opinion.

    Now, that search issue: I tried again and can now reproduce the issue. However, I have no idea what causes this 🙁 I’ve investigated the table with the Chrome Developer Tools and tried a few things like fixing the column widths manually, but that didn’t really change things 🙁 So, I guess that this must be a rather specific issue here between the DataTables JavaScript library which TablePress uses for the search, the content in your table, and maybe even your theme. Sorry that I can’t help right now 🙁


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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