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  • Yes, I know…this is nothing new to hear about. I design my site and check it in Firefox. If it works there, I’m happy. Usually the site performs fairly well in IE. That said, tonight I downloaded Roots’ Gemini template, and adapted the CLEARER div and a few other things. No I don’t have that annoying menu-overlapping-the-footer issue. THANK YOU, ROOT!
    However, now that I have done this, my site bombs in IE. I don’t mind living with a few problems, but the site is a mess. I’d sure appreciate it if someone could have a look at my CSS and see if there is something I’ve overlooked or borked entirely.
    Much appreciated.

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  • Nuke I have uninstalled all my IEs. Could you describe the error?. To me this sounds like a width calculation. I am reading your CSS. Hang on a minute.

    Sorry Nuke you have this a** backwards. You have your menu first in your source order. In Gemini it is second after the content. That is a bit more semantic and accessible. But a floated element needs to float first. Hence I use Zeldman’s scheme of floating both content and menu as well. Consequently your clearer is not following the floated element at all. It comes after your content. No wonder its borked 🙂 The two browser families handle this in a completely different way. Your layout is pretty standard. Gemini does not need much layout adjustment to suit you really. Just the menu switch left. Post again or email me if you get stuck.
    Good luck. We’re *rooting* for you. 🙂

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Your link give a 403 Forbidden Error.
    Right about the source code arrangement. I built it that way previously to suit a different layout. I will adjust it accordingly, but not right now. It’s 1:16AM local time, and if I try to do any more, I will just make a mess.
    All I have really done to this point with the source code is add in the clearer div, and that’s it.
    Thanks, and I will post back my results later on.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven’s my hotlinking code kicking in…..pasting it straight into an address bar works I think.

    Well the famous Moose Candy is a fine blog. It needs to be in tip top shape.
    This looks much worse than it is and can be easily fixed. Good night. 🙂

    Thanks podz. Pretty nifty png there. Fortunately I picked up the error just by reading the CSS. After Nuke has rested a bit I can get this fixed up no problems. Thanks for your help though.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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