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  • HI,

    IN the theme I found, I’m trying to move some items in the right-hand sidebar to the left one and change positining. I’ve never used CSS before. I got a book, CSS Web Design for Dummies.The examples in this book focus on PCs, IE, and Notepad. I’m oon a MAC, using OS X, and the examples don’t even work. Can anyone suggest a book that includes examples for Macs and OS X. Or suggest how I move things in the sidebars?

    specifically, the “Search” box is part-way down the left sidebar and I would like it in the top of the right sidebar.

    thanks for any suggestions and help.

    PS: And I can’t find the tag “strong” in any of the themes I’ve tried, nor get it to work.


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  • I’m a mac user, not an expert at CSS but learning – books suck at teaching stuff like this – for me anyway.

    Go download
    Simple CSS

    And play around with your CSS theme.

    Better, if you can get WP running on your OSX Mac.

    Play around and make lots of mistakes – and learn.

    my a**-backwords philosophy to learning geeky stuff – your mileage may vary, however.

    CSS on a Mac shouldn’t be any different than on a PC. Now how it looks in a browser…

    Eric Meyer is the number one CSS guy, Google him and I recommend his book Eric Meyer on CSS but it is perhaps a bit advanced to start with. There are a lot of online tutorials.

    strong is an HTML tag it replaced b some versions ago…

    For Mac text editors I recommend BBEdit if you want free the folks at BareBones give you TextWrangler.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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