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  1. NuclearMoose
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    Hello, everyone.
    I was hanging out at one of my favourite resource sites, CommunityMX and I started peeking in their archives of FREE content. CMX is a subscription-based service where you have access to over 30 experts in the web developing field. Some excel in graphics or ASP programming, or setting up and running a ColdFusion server. This is just a small example of their skills. Many of the CMX partners have published books or have contributed articles, sections, or have done technical editing of other material. They publish two items of content every business day, and support everyone through a set of online forums. Okay, okay, I'm sounding like a commercial. I'm not an affiliate, or a shareholder or anything...lol ! I just happen to like their stuff and I have received a LOT of help from them.
    I gathered up a bunch of links relating to CSS and one that's about HTML basics. These are all free articles, and you can download a PDF version of each of them if you like.
    CSS: An Introduction
    Common Coding Problems with HTML and CSS
    Writing Efficient CSS
    Debugging CSS, the Easy Way
    CSS Selectors: Pattern Matching and Inheritance
    Zeroing Page Margins
    Under the Hood -- The Basics of HTML: Part One

  2. NuclearMoose
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Here's another GREAT link from Eric Meyer the King of CSS. :)
    I'm sure that you will find all kinds of useful information there.

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