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  • Just installed WP-United and got it working.

    I used ‘phpBB inside wordpress’, and my forum now appears within my blog header and footer. The thing is, it’s not perfect and I’d like to change a few things.

    First there’s space at the top of the header for no reason. Second – the forums go in the maximum size of the blog itself. This leaves a lot of room at each side and has the forums a bit cramped (the search button is actually overlapping itself).

    I’d like to change these things, but I can’t find the css to do it anywhere. I’m just not sure how to go about it.

    On the plugin page in WP it says: “WP-United can automatically fix CSS conflicts between your phpBB and WordPress templates. Set the slider to “maximum compatibility” to fix most problems. If you prefer to fix CSS conflicts by hand, or if the automatic changes cause problems, try reducing the level.”

    I want to deal with the CSS myself, but where is it?

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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  • I’ve been working really hard to try and solve this and I’ve reached a point where I know what I need to do, I’m just unsure of how.

    I’m trying to find where the following code is found:
    [code]<div id=”content-inner”><div id=”wpucssmagic” style=”padding: 6px 12px 6px 12px;margin: 0;”><div class=”wpucssmagic”><div class=”section-index ltr” id=”phpbb” >

    I’d like to modify it, but I can’t find where it is generated. This is the part between my WordPress header.php and my phpbb overall_header.html.

    Where the hell can I modify it?

    The integrate themes page inside the plugin says it can do it but gives no options and doesn’t allow me to modify anything. This isn’t that great.

    I’d appreciate any help, I’ve also posted this on the wp-united dedicated forums, but those appear to be dead, I hope someone still supports this thing…

    The plugin author is not going to reply.

    Plugin Author jhong


    Sorry for the delay Kokostern.

    The wpucssmagic divs are inserted automatically if you have template integration on and set to “high” or “medium”. The padding is set in WP-United template integration settings -> advaced settings. If you delete the padding there, the inline CSS will disappear.

    Bear in mind that with template integration on, the CSS is modified on the fly. That doesn’t stop you from modifying the underlying CSS though.

    Hope this helps


    I ended up being a bit mad and going in my header.php and footer.php (of wordpress) and adding:

    		$path = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    		$pos = stripos($path, "forums");
    		if ($pos>0) echo '<div style="position:relative; left:-100px; width:1180px !important;">';

    This allowed me to force the width and position to change. Using inline css is bad practice in most cases and in general this is a pretty messy way, but it works for now.

    I think it’ll be very useful to allow changing or adding css and html to the code that’s created on the fly. I’ve seen other plugins do it from the plugin pages themselves so it’s possible.

    If not, at least allow for a little more options – specifically width sounds like an obvious one that people might want to mess around with.

    Other then that it’s truly a lovely plugin, though rough around the edges, it gets the job done and I’m very thankful for it! Keep up the good work!

    Oh and having support forums here and on your website as well is confusing to users. It got me posting my problem in both places, I’m happy you answered at least in one of them.

    Thanks for the hints. I’m having the same problems. Using the WP-united CSS integrator produces a good result but some things are not working properly and I can’t seem to find an underlying CSS file that I can modify and force a certain look, as the different levels of customization don’t give the exact result I wanted.

    Anyone sort this issue out?

    When i use the css integration, the forum page never opens and the loading never stops from the browser. When I check the task manager from the server which the site is installed, it opens up 4 php-cgi.exe applications which uses 25% cpu each and it locks the server.

    If I don’t use any css integrations, my headers mess up, background color and header color/bgcolor changes, the title changes and I cannot which files to edit to fix this issue.

    Same problem like teoriweb, i dont want to use any css integrations, I just want to default phpbb template in my wordpress page, but when i do my theme breaks…

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