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  1. puredubs
    Posted 5 years ago #

    ok i'm new here... alittle about what i have going on. i have a very simple site that i coded myself which i loaded the wordpress app onto.. when i did this it created a few new pages on my site automatically. I'm wanting to edit the meta info tags and descriptions of these pages but i can't seem to find any way to do so... also being new i haven't been able to locate the css editing console threw searching for it or reading online.. where can i access that? is it a pay service? whats the deal?

  2. charddude
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Your style sheet will be called style.css and will be located in your themes directory.

    If you have FTP access (i.e. Uploaded the files yourself) you should be able to find it in the folder wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME-NAME/style.css (Obviously replace YOUR-THEME-NAME with the theme you are using).

    If you can't do that then you would need to login to the wp-admin section, under the header 'Appearance' at the bottom is 'Editor', providing the permissions on your style sheet are set to Write enabled, you should be able to edit the css and any other file in the theme.

    If you wish to be able to edit the meta descriptions then you will need a plugin like the Yoast plugin available here
    That will do a lot of the hard work for you.

    hope this helps

  3. puredubs
    Posted 5 years ago #

    thanks perfect

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