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  • Can anybody tell me how to revert to version 2.0?

    What a mess 2.01 has made …, paricularly in Chrome, tabs gone in product descriptions…

    Gutted and we were due to go live this week!

    I checked your site in Chrome, and the tabs were visible. May have been a caching issue. If not, you can always try to delete Woocommerce via ftp, and upload the 2.0 version.

    Any response from the developer? It seems quite a few are having this issue?

    I think it’s from the 1.66 > 2.01 upgrade the problem is.

    Not a caching issue and also the main product description is missing on product pages.

    Almost seems like it want tested.

    I’ve had the same problem.

    Please don’t expect any help from woo either 🙁

    @ derfeluk your site looks to be working ok.

    @ Sweetbeats im starting to see that alright

    i see it as a css issue but not to sure where. because the checkout pages work perfectly ok.

    so i disabled all plugins and i also disabled all theme css and the issue is still there.

    i also disabled custom tabs and that didn’t fix it.

    Guys there’s another thread on this – seems the issue is the css, they changed woocommerce_tabs to woocommerce-tabs so now the plugin cant read the css – I’m just trying to find the link but it’s in the support forum and says ‘resolved’ at the end of it. I haven’t tried actually implementing the solution they came up with lol but it looks promising to me.

    I thought so too but I haven’t customised any of the tabs CSS?

    If i download 1.6.6, use ftp to replace the woocommerce folder will it work? :/

    i fixed it, however im not entirely sure how.

    i had custom tabs in the functions php, removed them and that helped some if it come back

    the only other thing i did was a add a pingback url in the heard page.

    seems to be working now anyway. but i reckon it was to do with the custom tabs

    Having this same problem here

    Granular Water Softener Salt 25kg

    All the styling has disappeared from the tabs etc

    ( I am not using custom tabs)

    Same issue here, it seems all “woocomerce” css is gone and everything is huge and ugly and styling on add to cart buttons is gone and is now the default “form field” grey box, also the single product pages don’t have the nice styling on the different tabs on the bottom anymore they are just in a list but the “account pages and checkout pages look fine” PLEASE FIX or update the forum my fellow woocomrades! Thanks!



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    @lagtop: Please stop posting exactly the same message in multiple topics. Start your own topic if necessary and then stick to it.

    @davros20 you are using custom tabs.

    you have a tab here called additional information.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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