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  • I am about to tear my hair out.

    I am using WordPress 1.5 with the default template. I have made some changes to the template, but the one thing I *cannot* get rid of is the big ugly blue box at the top in the header.

    I see that is a header image is called: kubrickheader.jpg. In the styles.css it is stated that “All CSS that involves the use of images, can be found in the ‘index.php’ file.”

    There are at least 3 files named ‘index.php’. For the life of me, I can’t find any references to *any* images in *any* of the index.php files.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me:

    A) Which Index.php file is referenced in the syle.css file

    B) Exactly what I need to do to remove the stupid blue box and edit the text within it?

    (Please note, I’ve removed *all* references to the header in teh stylesheet.css, and nothing changes. I’ve even cleared out my cache, and everything is still there.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Actually I think someone ranted about this before and it turns out the stylesheet referenced is actually in the header.php. Annoying, yes. Trying looking in the header.php that is in the default theme folder.

    Hey, grnidone…. check out some nifty “replace the ugly blue blob” headers here.

    Isn’t the blue box a jpg or something. if you don’t want it just remove it from the header in page css. or just delete it from the images folder.

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    A. It’s a JPEG. It’s referenced in header.php

    B(a). You could edit a photoshop template:
    Replace it with another blob:
    Or find your own blob:

    B(b). That’s your blog title and tagline. Find those settings in Options/General.

    You could also just get a different theme:

    That is certainly not an ugly blue blob. Its er a design. Apparently 🙂

    With Michael’s permisison, has anyone thought about modifying WP Kubrick so that the header is referenced in the CSS instead of header.php – it seems to confuse more people than it does help…

    You don’t need Michael’s permission. It’s released under the GPL, so anybody can change it any way they like. If someone wanted to improve the whole default template, then it could be rolled into the WordPress release if approved by the developers.

    Also, I don’t understand the need to post a topic title with “UGLY” in it like that. You don’t have to like it, but what’s the sense of being unappreciative of all the work that went into the theme design? It’s not perfect, but it’s a starting point for many designs.

    Simple courtesy is always appreciated.

    I am not unappreciative at all, and the word ‘ugly’ does not denote that. That is your personal ‘filter of the world’ adding that to my post. (We all have filters. 🙂 You, me, everyone…I just happened to trigger yours.)

    WordPress is an incredible piece of software.

    When I wrote this post I had been working for several hours fighting the CSS to change it and was *incredibly* frustrated…which is why I started the post with “I am about to tear my hair out.” (I was shaking when I typed that post I was *so frustrated.*

    CSS is a challenge for me to begin with. I had deleted *everything* I could find to get rid of that blue box in the stylesheet and that box stayed there no matter what I did.

    And then when I actually read the top of the stylesheet — which, when I realized I should have done in the first place only added to the frustration — and looked into all the index.php’s I could find to find nothing, I honestly thought I was losing my mind. So I looked again. And again.

    So, after all of this, my personal ‘filter on the world’ lead me to say that the blue box was ugly. And let me tell you, after fighting it for as long as I did…it did indeed look ugly…and it didn’t matter what color it was, the fact it was there made it ‘ugly’ to me.

    Don’t mistake my frustration for unappreciation. I hope very much that when I get more of a handle of wordpress I can post things on this bulletin board to help others. I am *very* impressed with wordpress.

    You can always replace it by just inserting a new graphic header, just name it kubrickheader.jpg and replace it in the images folder in the default theme folder. You can also get rid of the blue by using a graphics program and fill the blue color with white or something else.

    I just uploaded 16 new personalheader replacements to the image gallery :

    There are 84 now. Enjoy!

    I made the header transparent and shrunk the size a bit.


    Or you could always take some of your favorite photos (preferably scenic vistas), crop them appropriately (760×200) and use one of the image rotation scripts to replace that very nice but plain blue box……

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