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  • I have been trying to add videos to my home page by uploading them in the media uploads. I changed the permissions on the files because they were not working, now all my styles and images have disappeared from my site and I have no idea why. I have deleted the videos encase they were causing the problem and still nothing.
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  • Hello,

    Have you changed your file permissions back to what they were before? With some file permission settings the host server will show an error, which will make your images/styles stop working. If you have reverted the permissions back, have you made any other changes?

    If you can post a link to page that you are having problems with it may be easier to look into it further, hopefully this can be quickly resolved!


    Thanks for your response, I have changed the permissions on the wp-content,images,uploads and child theme folders to 777 and the styles and images are back!! But now I need to know what the folder permissions should be set to for the site to stay secure?
    I am new to wordpress and I can send a link but the site is in maintenance mode so I don’t think you can see it without logging in.



    hi i have a similar problem. (Sorry isideakin if im messing up your post, i dont know how to start my own). The images on the slider(slideshow) on the homepage are not showing. Can anyone help? Please?

    The video worked on the front page (I’m on 50MB line – Fiber Optic), but took close to 30 seconds to come on. Your Vimeo player is working, but speed is slow. May want to look at your media size or I suggest another player.

    No problem with taking over the post.
    I resolved my problem by changing the permissions on the theme folder, wp-content folder and the uploads folder. I then uploaded the images and then reset the permissions on the wp-content directory. I am pretty new to all this so am not sure my advice is sound, it might be worth changing the permissions one by one until you see something but changing the permissions seemed to give me inconsistent results. I can see all your images using their path. i.e.

    Ok good stuff – Still look at your load time for your video, major delay. I have used some of the more simple video players and they load much quicker, But overall – good show!

    In place of the pictures I had on my pages I now have a blue question mark; what does this mean and how do I get my pictures back?



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    @peacefirst: Please post your own topic.

    @themebuilder: thanks for the tip buddy. Will bear that in mind. Though my main concern is for the images but thank you for that coz that will really help the performance of my site.

    @isideakin: Thanks again for letting me use your post and for your suggestions. I will give them a try.

    @anyone. How do I start my own topic? So that I don’t keep disturbing people’s topics?

    Thanks guys(& girls if they are any)



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    How do I start my own topic?

    Try using the New Topic form at the end of

    (& girls if they are any

    Oh – be careful. A significant number of the forum mods are female – including me. 😉

    lol esmi. Thanks a lot though. Will try that.

    And me 🙂

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