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    this may sound really dumb but i have no idea how to change the colors, fonts, etc. on my template? i have been reading about the css and i am still stumped? where do i find all of this…i don’t see it on my admin site? i’m a total beginner 😉

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  • The best way to make changes to your themes CSS is to start by making a child theme. This is important because if you edit your theme files directly, any changes will be lost when you upgrade your theme.

    I also recommend using an FTP client (FileZilla, for instance) to download your theme files so you can easily backup your theme and keep an archive of your changes going forward. Depending on how quickly you may need to revert changes to your live site and if you have more than one person accessing your site files, you may want to use version control software, like Subversion.

    Once you’ve set up your child theme, change your theme under Appearance in your administration panels and add the lines of CSS you want to change in your child theme’s style.css.

    You find the CSS in the style.css file in your theme directory. You can also access your themes CSS stylesheet from the WordPress admin in Appearance > Editor.

    thank you for the replies…i was able to locate the css. i think my question is more basic though and i just can’t seem to figure it out? for instance, how do i change the font and color of the name on my blog? is there a drop down box or check box or some sort of list that i can pick from?? if not, where are the codes for all of these things to change them? i am using the mantra theme…

    i am pretty sure there are color variations built into the theme so i don’t have to change the code but i just don’t know how to find them??

    i see where to get the color changes…
    mantra settings –> color settings…once i change on the color wheel to the color i want and hit “save changes”, it does not change it? should i be changing this somewhere else?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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