• Could I suggest a CSS forum where users can post any additions they have made to their style sheet, how it works, where it goes ?
    I’m not saying that it should be anything based upon basic mods like font changing, background colours, but extra’s – like creating a class that will center an image / text, and the appropriate use of the resultant div to keep the page xhtml compatible. (maybe that should be a criteria ? I don’t know .. it’s late here 🙂 )
    It could end up being a neat additional resource in itself ?
    Feel free to shoot this down !

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  • That’s a neat idea! I’m all for that as I have the worlds longest .CSS. 😉

    A CSS-specific forum might be nice. Incidentally, Sara, I took a look at your CSS and I downloaded it locally. The file was 6329 bytes…I goofed with it a bit, using the shortcuts that I know, and got it down to 5405 bytes. Plus, I still think that there are places to trim a lot of excess declarations.
    Was fun to look through!

    I had really to add what I mentioned …..
    Put the line below this into your CSS
    div.c1 { text-align: center; }
    Use this in your editing box to center what you want.
    <div class="c1">
    ! content !
    The class name ‘c1’ can be altered to whatever you want if it suits.
    (Oh, and a small suggestion again ? That the encoder widget be linked from somewhere ? Maybe in a box at the top of this textarea ? )

    I think a CSS forum which doesnt necessarily relate to WordPress is a good idea.

    To be honest, there are plenty of CSS resources around, and I was thinking of something that grew to be quite specific to WordPress. My reason are:
    – that the base stylesheet will be one of the first things that people want to modify. If you know how it works, or can read and understand CSS, then it’s no problem. If you can’t, or you are the type of person who will set it up then leave it alone, then maybe a WP forum is the place to do it given that we know what tags to what and where will be affected. If someone is running WP, it will certainly be the first place they would check. Not a great reason, but I think it has some validity.
    – Validity. I like validity, and I like WP for the fact it strives to be valid xhtml. If you just want a centred header, then <div align=center> will work, and it’ll work fine. But run it through a validator and the error will pop up. A forum here could achieve both function and validity.

    podz… there is already a forum named: Design on this board… so I think that covers it…
    I think it would good to have a general CSS forum here because people at WP trust one another, I would be more comfortable sharing my designs with the users of this board, ya know?

    I agree – I think I said it wrong maybe.
    What I meant was for some sort of knowledge base (for want of a better term).
    There is some excellent work here in these forums, and while the wiki pulls work together for the WP engine, there is no such place that can pull together valid css/xhtml solutions. As forums get bigger, the chances are that someone will do brief search, then ask a question which has been answered many times before. Likewise, something may get lost in the forums (see the number of bumps which happen sometimes here).
    Like I said, was only an idea 🙂

    Craig, I use too many declarations as I have all pages pointing to those style sheets. I think there are 7 or 8. I just can’t see doing a style sheet for each page, y’know? 😉

    Yep, I know exactly what you mean, and using the one style sheet makes sense. What I did to cut down the file size is to combine some declarations. Here’s an example:
    font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
    font-size: 12px;
    font: 12px Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
    margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
    margin: 0;
    It was just a bunch of stuff like that. I left all of your classes and selectors there, but just looked for things like above to simplify it a bit.

    Yeah, thanks Craig…I need to get in there and clean up code on the pages as well. Why can’t there be 30 hours in a day? 😉

    If you like, I can send you the file of the changes I made.

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