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  1. AlexisWilke
    Posted 8 years ago #

    As I was integrating WordPress in my company's website, it clearly showed that many (to not say most) of the generated tags are not marked with a WordPress specific class (i.e. class="wp-<somename>".)

    A great and easy improvement would be add a class to all the tags. For instance, each time you create an anchor, use &lt;a class="wp-anchor" ...>. Then it is very easy for me to make links look the way I want to in the blogs (which can then be different from my other anchors.)

    You can see my result here:


    Note that it was easy for me to fix your code. I just think that it should already be part of the system. Otherwise, WordPress works great without much trouble at all!

    Thank you.
    Alexis Wilke

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