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  • Resolved Viv


    After updating to CryptX 1.6 on my test WP 2.5 installation all seemed ok but later I noted the admin screen came up blank (white page) in the browser, the site was ok and working normally.

    At the same time All in one SEO was updated, also running bad behavior and wassup.

    Removing the CryptX plug in file restores the admin page and admin operations to normal


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  • Hi Viv,

    i tried to reproduce your problem with wp 2.5, All in One SEO Pack and CryptX 1.6, but nothing happend.
    Did you tried to reinstall CryptX, or to deactivate All in One SEO?

    Thanks for your Feedback.


    Hi Ralph

    The original install worked ok at 1.5 but was updated using the new auto-update in 2.5, I can try deleting all files and doing a clean install to test for you.

    Also running is (and I should have said before sorry) are Akismat, Bad Behavior, Better Blogroll, Google XML Sitemaps, ShareThis, WassUp, Stats, WP-Ban.

    All the above at the current up to date versions.

    The problem only showed up after All in one SEO and CryptX up dated and pulling there files restored normal operation.

    Thanks for the help


    Sorry Viv,

    i can’t find any errors. I test it with all your plugins, but i got never the effect of an blank admin page.

    What happens if you deactivate only the “All in one SEO” Plugin?


    Hi Ralf

    Sorry to take a while to come back to you, I did the a few tests trying to nail it down before doing the clean reinstall of the plug in you suggested, if you recall the problem began after the automatic update was used in the new version of WP 2.5.

    THe clean instal cured the issue completely and I have not been able to recreate it since so it looks like the update and overwriting went wrong, rather than a conflict between plugins as suspected at the beginning.


    I just went up to 1.9 via auto update and its done the same thing (blank admin page) as it did for 1.6, on the last one version I did it manually and had no problem, I will delete and manually reinstall as last time to see if it clears it.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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