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    After almost 2 hours with various hostgator support staff… it appears that wordpress 3.3.1 has caused more apache processes to kick off upon the ‘crunching’ process and now I can’t load videos through the backend (at least greater than 1.5mb) because the downstream apache memory usage is over 60mb (so the support rep told me). Nothing can be changed via php.ini settings to prevent this behavior. The file is actually uploaded (I can see it via FTP)… but wordpress never kicks the video file through its processes and then attaches it to a post (or to the media library at all). (I should point out this ONLY happens when I use safari on a mac… the same error does not affect my windows 7 box).

    I guess my question/feature request is this: Why ‘process’ video files at all? Why not treat mp4 or flv files as just plain files that do not get any ‘crunching’ treatment? I certainly don’t want them crunched… because I’ve encoded them in a very specific way.

    By allowing users to put videos on ‘white’ lists… you will allow wordpress to be used for large file content management on many more servers that otherwise would kill this exces memory usage.

    Is anyone else encountering this issue??!

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  • I should point out that uploading 9-10mb files has been working FINE for almost a year… it seems wordpress 3.3.1 broke this ability (or hostgator isn’t being fully transparent with me about what they have changed).

    OMG, I am having a similar problem. I have been searching around like crazy for the past 3 days, and you are the only person with a similar issue.

    I also use hostgator, however my issue is with an audio file (~4MB), not a video file; I can’t get this to work on any browser.

    I just started a thread on the forums before I saw this.

    I’ll keep looking around and let you know if I make any progress, please let me know if you make any progress as well.



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    Thanks esmi,

    I just took a look at it, however I develop a cluster of websites for a company with a bunch of users who do not have the technical know how to FTP upload to the server.

    Thank you very much for the suggestion!

    @kcurreri I’m glad I’m not the only one able to replicate this issue. I don’t doubt it affects just video files… I would imagine it would affect even large image files.

    My gut on this issue is that this isn’t a problem with the latest wordpress update (the changelog didn’t indicate any new fixes to anything file or upload related) but I do think that hostgator network people have changed something on their end that they are not telling their support staff about. This has been working fine for me now for almost a year and sure enough… 3 days ago it stopped working (on my mac).

    Funny thing is that everything works fine in windows 7 in all browsers. Its a really strange thing that different OS’s would react differently… even with the same browser.

    Yeah, the issue started exactly 3 days ago for me too. It’s not like the files we are trying to upload are that big.

    Unfortunately, I have the same problem on all windows 7 browsers.

    Did Hostgator try uploading your file on their end? They tried for me and said they had no problem and said that it is most likely my internet connection. Is your Windows 7 computer on a different connection than your Mac?

    I have four websites with Hostgator having the same problem as of 3 days ago. Ive tried to upload videos and animated gifs and anything over about 10mb just gets stuck in “crunching” and never loads. I spent 3 hours with HostGator and they attempted to put the blame on all the excuses you stated above none of which were the cause. They have since escalated it and are looking into it for me , its very likely a problem they caused as we all have had the same issues begging at the same time.

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    Is this only failing on videos? Can you upload large images successfully?

    Just a heads-up… everything started working for me this morning on hostgator. They must have gotten enough complaints that they rolled something back on their servers. ANyone else able to upload their respective files this morning?

    I seem to be having the exact same problem as kcurreri described, only I’m using 3.0.5 and have a contract with 1&1. The platform was suddenly and inexplicably unable to load even the smallest bit of media, even fairly uncomplicated ones like PDFs.

    We thought it might be a memory issue, but the problem persisted even after we upgraded our package…

    Yep, things are back to normal for me too. Such a relief. Glad that Hostgator responds to our feedback.

    Anybody seeing this issue again as of today??

    Nevermind, it’s working fine now.

    I am! On chat with one of the Junior Gators right now. On W7.

    I can upload images, mp3, etc but no mp4’s.

    There should be a punishment involving a deserted islan with no trees for propellor-heads that make decisions for other people based on what they think is good for us all.

    And ants. And lots of honey involved.

    UPDATE: Whatever the problem was, it’s DEFINITELY a HostGator problem. They had me convinced that updating to 3.3.1 was the problem, and indeed, the upload worked on 3.3.0 (whatever came before 3.3.1) but wouldn’t work on 3.3.1. Then I remembered that I had been uploading mp4’s all day long, just the day before via 3.3.1. So they started a ticket for me and this morning everything is working.

    It’s definitely a HostGator issue. Propellor-heads….

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