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  • Some time this fall Crossway updated the API used by this plugin to V3 and stopped responding to V2. Therefore, the current ESV shortcode plugin (1.0.2) will no longer work. I have done some work on a version to work with the new version. It is based on my modified version of the plugin that supports caching and some other things. I don’t really want to take ownership of the plugin, but it appears that it is no longer being developed, since I have seen no action here in several years. So I have some questions.

    Is anyone still interested in this plugin, or has it been superceded by something else?

    The API now requires that you have an access key from Crossway. “IP” and “test” no longer work. I implemented my modified version such that the site administrator enters the key in the plugin’s settings page, and the same key is used by all users of the plugin on the site. Is there any use case where it would be necessary for different users of the plugin installation to use different Crossway access keys? If so, I may implement “key” as a shortcode attribute that will override the one specified on the settings page. If not, I may leave the feature in (without much testing) and simply not document it.

    I haven’t wanted to make the investment in setting up an account on the WordPress Plugins repo and learn Subversion. (Of course, I don’t have access to the account that posted the plugin anyway, so I don’t think I could update it .) How is the situation of updating a plugin that is no longer being actively supported usually handled?

    As I said, I have not posted my new version supporting V3 of the API. Here is a message I wrote but did not post about my updates to 1.0.2. My updated version would be posted in the same repo on GitHub.


    [3/21/17] In addition to caching support, I have added some additional features:
    – an options page to allow setting of caching defaults.
    – a passages facility allowing you to reference passages by name with date substitution.
    – Adds a link on the options page to view the plugin README.

    You can access it on GitHub at

    If installed, the README can be displayed with the wp-readme-parser plugin, but it requires a modified version of that plugin. The released plugin is at A patch applying my modifications to V1.3.5 is at

    It is my hope that you will like the changes and incorporate them into the “official” version. If you do that, please assign your own version number. It is not my goal to support an alternate version of the plugin, and I don’t anticipate doing much more work on it. I used version numbers starting at 1.0.21 to avoid a collision with anything you might release.

    (Since there doesn’t appear to be any active development, I will probably call my version with API V3 support 2.0.0.)

    If I don’t see any response to this message I may decide that there is no interest in the plugin and stop further development.



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  • I’m just now getting around to investigating why all of our sermons no longer show the bible text. Glad you’ve put some effort in as I was about to start digging into the API myself.

    I’m going to install your copy from GitHub now.


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    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for letting me know of your interest. I just merged the API V3 fixes to master a couple of days ago– it is V1.1.5 I think. (It also adds the esv_ifpassage shortcode, but that is only useful if you are using passage names.)


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