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  • Hi,

    Im using woo-commerce on WordPress and I have a few categories for different products… since there are so many products I would like to make things easier to find by implementing some sort of search that is able to cross reference categories, for example:

    If I have “Category 1” full with products that are compatible with a specific model offered, “category 2” with products compatible with a different model and “category 3” -filled with a specific “kind” of products like screws – which might be compatible and part of Cat1 and cat2 at the same time since they are compatible with both.
    If I wanted to find a “Screw” for a specific model, my options right now are to:
    1* select category 1 -which contains all the parts compatible with the specific model I need the screw for- and scroll through all the available parts until I find the screw I am looking for;
    2* Select category 3 (screws) and search through all the screws available for all different models until I find the one I need.

    I need a search that can cross reference categories, and allow me to select 2 or more different categories and will show results only for products that are part of both categories I select. For example: Search for “fine thread” on category 1 and category 3 will give me results for fine thread screws that are contained on category 1 only.

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