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  • andyptg


    I need some help in taking the Prologue theme and adding a “cross post to Twitter” option to it. My vision is an optional checkbox for “Cross Post to Twitter” and an input field for username and password.

    I’ve looked at the Twitter API calls and can understand them.

    But I’m just having problems integrating them into the form correctly so that people can post via the Prologue text area and choose to cross post to Twitter if they’d like to. So it would be a “if checkbox is checked, then take input username and password and use as credentials to send the post as a status to that Twitter account.”

    I’ve tinkered it for a while but I’m coming up short. Any chance someone is willing to help? I have a feeling this would be easy for someone more skilled than myself.


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  • jonimueller


    I think there are plugins that do that. Here’s one I’m using, but the problem may be that I’m not sure you can add things to the sidebar with the Prologue Theme. (I’ve tried, without success.)

    And Alex King has Twitter Tools; I’d be inclined to start with Alex’s plugin as he knows WP backwards and forwards and inside out! 🙂



    Thanks jonimueller. I’ve managed to put two forms into the prologue theme now. One being the standard post, the other being the straight up tweet form from Alex’s Twitter Tools.

    I’d like to 1.) combine them into one form with a checkbox option to cross post to twitter or not and 2.) have it take username/password inputs instead of it using the credentials within the wp admin console under the twitter tools configs.

    So I feel like you’ve gotten me a step closer, thanks. But still stuck at the half way point. Dangit. 🙂

    Has anyone ever cracked this nut? It’s driving me crazy.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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