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  1. Nessdufrat
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Yeah, it's time for an update, I know. But that would mean redoing the whole website, and some plugins I've been using and intend to keep have never been updated for newer versions (and don't work) and have no equivalent...
    I'm looking for a solution to cross-post comments between my facebook account and my blog. People have a painful tendancy to comment on facebook (I post the link on my page, nothing automatic there, too old, again), and some others post on the blog, and it's a mess.
    So, what I want is to have the facebook comments automatically posted on the blog, and the blog comments to appear on facebook too.
    Is such a thing possible with a very old version of wordpress, or is it totally useless for me to try to find another solution than a radical update ?
    Thanks a lot !

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