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  • Hiya! Is there a blog posting tool (like wbloggar etc) which I can use for cross-posting to two blogs. I would like to be able to post to one or more categories on a WP blog, and one or more categories to another metawebblog-api supported blog (non-WP). I’m not sure if wbloggar (3.x) works well with WP and would work in the mentioned scenario.
    Any thoughts? Thanks guys!!!

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  • I would like to know about this as well. Where can I download wblogger by the way?

    w.bloggar does not support posting to many categories in WP afaik. 🙁
    I also would like something that can multipost to 2 different blogs (like LJ and WP together!)

    Sauce Reader ( ) supports posting to multiple blogs (including WP) but not “single click” (i.e. one click posting to multiple blogs). I tried it sometime back and it correctly parses WP categories (sub/child categories as well). Its free but it requires the .NET runtime to run. I’ve heard that the upcoming version of w.bloggar supports the multi-posting feature. But I’m not sure when will it be released.

    BTW, Sauce Reader is basically is a news reader (RSS/Atom feed reader software) but it has the blog post tool in-built.

    .net? yeeks. 😛

    .net rocks! and so does PHP 😛

    that was a pretty contradicting post. 😛
    i just dont like the way that even a small utility that runs on .net needs 40-50 megs of ram 🙁

    “even a small utility that runs on .net needs 40-50 megs of ram”
    Who says? Got any benchmark or stats to prove it? Just curious!

    Did you try Ecto-blog?
    And Zempt?

    I’m still unable to find a tool similar to wblogger for wordpress. Is there not a single desktop publishing tool out there for wordpress?

    The new wbloggar 4.0 (which should arrive any day now) works perfect with WordPress. I have been beta testing the last few weeks, and it works like a charm.
    Check for more info, and release date.

    I write a tool which works with WordPress called Blog but I’m afraid it doesn’t support categories – but it does support posting to multiple blogs and it definitely supports WP because I have one WP blog to which I post daily using it. However, the release with WP support is not out publicly since it has one major bug for which I’m expecting the developer of one of the components that I’m using to release a fix any day now. As soon as that fix is out, the public release will be there 🙂 You can find more information on Bl0g at:

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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