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    Here’s the situation.
    1. I upgraded my blog and changed the structure of the links. It used to be (post number), now it’s
    2. There are many cross-post links inside the posts, that link to another post. These links no longer work after the stucture has been changed.
    3. The links from Google do not work either 🙁

    1. Is there a way to put a cross-post link inside a post that will not be a permalink (i.e. it will link directly to the post’s ID and WordPress will handle the permalink depending on its actual configuration)?
    2. Is there a way to have the permalink working with both methods at the same time (i.e. and work at the same time)?

    If there is no way to link directly to post’s ID, I think there should be. Think about it in the next version. I have like 600 posts, and changing cross-post links everytime I change a URL structure is a real pain 🙂

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  • moshu


    1. You can always use for the “crossposting/crosslinking” the ugly permalinks – they always work; e.g.
    2. No, you can NOT have two kind of permalink working in the same time. Unfortunatley, changing from one custom permalink structure to another custom – results in what you are experiencing, so much more thinking is required before proceeding.

    As a general note: as I said above switching from ugly/default to anything is never a problem, since the default always works, regardless of your custom structure. However, switching between custom structures will always cause havoc…



    Thanks, it means I’m going to stick to ugly 🙂

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