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  • I have a bit of a conundrum with a recent project. I don’t even know if there is a plugin that does this or if it will be a coding endeavor that will eat up a bunch of hours.

    I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

    I’m currently working on a networking project in which individual sites will have their own content (such as What I want is to have that content to be posted to one specific “hub-site” (

    I thought it would be fixed with a simple RSS-to-Post plugin. But this does not copy the posts’ formatting code (i.e., text is not aligned correctly, etc.) or the featured image of the individual sites’ posts.

    So, everything looks great in the individual sites, but once the posts are “transferred” automatically by the plugin to the hub-site, there are no featured images on the preview post and they are not aligned correctly.

    What I want to know is this: Is there a plugin that would allow me to bring the whole code with formatting and all and that will add the featured image posted on the individual site over to the hub-site ( And if it can be done, can the feed of each individual site be directed to a particular category on the hub-site?

    For example, we will have various individual sites. Let’s call them AnimeSite, ComicSite, VideogameSite, RPGSite. On the hub-site we will have corresponding categories (Anime, Comics, Video Games, RPGs). I want the feed of AnimeSite to be posted in the Anime category, ComicSite to Comics, and so forth.

    There’s one other thing that I would like the hub-site to do, but I have no idea if it is at all possible.

    Once the posts are carried over successfully, they obviously show up as excerpts on the hub-site’s blog roll. If you click on them, they will open the corresponding post on the hub-site. I wanted to know if it is possible to have the excerpts link directly to the article on the individual site, not to the post ont he hub-site.

    I guess an example would be better:

    I have this post on (as you can see it has a featured image at the top)
    I then use an RSS-to-Post plugin to transfer it to
    As you can see, on the excerpt on there is no featured image like on the other posts that were created directly on the site.
    If you click on “ReseƱa: Black Rock Shooter Ep 03” on IXN it takes you to the post on IXN, I would like it to link to the post on

    How crazy is this?

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