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  • I know this topic has been discussed previously but am wondering if someone might have an amazing new suggestion that will work for me as nothing I have come across so far does.

    My setup:
    – Mac, Intel, 10.5
    – Have an old pc next to me with Explorer 8 (I think) and XP (I think).
    – Work locally during development stage (MAMP)
    – Don’t mind paying a little bit if I have to but prefer not

    Some methods of crossing browser testing I have looked at:
    – Parallel: After several hours of not having much luck with other ideas even the thought of paying for this started to appeal – until I realised I would also have to purchase the windows operating system.
    – ies4osx: This seemed good. Took me awhile to work out how it works etc but turns out at the moment only IE6 will work with it.
    – Various online screen shot providers: Don’t totally understand how this works but wont for me as I would like to test locally to start with.
    – My pc: Again, can’t use it to test locally (tried to network but crashed when I uploaded files) and can only run one IE at a time and that has to be the latest.

    At the moment as a compromise I am looking at having to wait until the site is live before I can test then use the screen shot services and my pc – unless someone out there in WordPress world has the perfect solution for me?

    Thanks for your time.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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