Cross-browser problem: Image displacement (2 posts)

  1. Jimisonian
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm having a problem at http://www.jonnyjimison.com/
    See the green box with the social network icons in it? On Safari, Chrome, and most other browsers I've tried, it looks perfect: the icons centered in the green box. But Internet Explorer 8 shuffles them slightly down and to the left. Earlier editions of IE place the icons correctly, but off-set the "credits" and "purpose" icons on the bottom of the sidebar.
    I've wrestled with the social icons for days, but I'm at a loss as to what's causing this or how to fix it. Any ideas?
    I think with some work I can figure out the problem with the "credits" and "purpose" links, but if you know what's going on there, I'd appreciate any advice about that problem as well.

  2. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Start by sorting out the validation errors - you have 2 DOCTYPEs on the page for a start. Then move onto the CSS errors.

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