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  • On 2 different sites, 2 different hosting companies, running the current version of WP, I am unable to successfully crop an image thumbnail. I’ve tried directly cropping via the Media Library, and cropping from a page the image is on. It appears to crop the thumbnail but then the save doesn’t “stick.” I’ve also tried cropping thumbnails through 2 gallery plugins and while they appear to crop there, the cropped version is not visible in the gallery itself.

    I’ve deactivated all plugins, changed themes, etc., and nothing works, so it appears to be pointing to a WordPress issue. Any tips are welcome.

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    Can’t seem to edit my initial post, so am using Reply here to add additional information that may be helpful.

    My WP default thumbnail settings are set to 225 x 225 pixels. If I try to override a thumbnail crop at the same size – 225 x 225 – the crop appears to save, but does not actually save.

    If I choose a larger size, such as 226 x 226, even 300 x 300, the crop *will* save, and at the 225 x 225 size, which doesn’t make any sense.

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