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  • Hello out there!
    I am trying to customize my theme so I selected a new photo from my iPhoto library and resized it to 950 X 425 as recommended by WP. Problem is when I cropped the pic it cropped out the side of a face in the photo. The reason I cropped it in iPhoto was when I tried to use the original, loaded it and attempted to crop it in WP the bottom crop line would only go down about a quarter of the pic…any suggestions?


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  • Perhaps start with the original again, and re-crop according to your needs?

    Hi Chip,
    Tried that several times and it just will not work!

    What do you mean, “it just will not work”?

    What are you trying to do, and how is it not working?

    The original is 700 X 1007. WP says it should be 950 X 425 to fit into their theme box. I have to resize it. When I import the original and try to crop, clicking and dragging the bottom crop line will only extend a quarter of the way down the photo. I have tried iZoom and nothing seems to work.

    No, I mean: start with the original, and re-crop outside of WordPress, before you upload the image.

    Hey Chip,
    I guess what I’m trying to do is reduce or shrink the entire pic so I don’t loose any of the framing, kinda like what you would do with an enlarger and a negative of a photo. The goal is to reduce the overall dimensions to the specifications listed above.


    Then you need to resize, rather than crop, the image.

    And again: this operation is something that you need to do outside of WordPress.

    Got it. Thanks for the help!

    Hey Chip, not to be a pain but I did get the original from the photographer and had him resize it to the WP recommended dimensions in photoshop and it still will not fit. Is there anything else to do? Is this a matter of the box size of the particular theme I chose?


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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