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  • What change do I make in my template so it will automatically crop photos from the top when generating thumbnails? I have mostly pics of people on my site and their heads are getting cut off because it is cropping in the center. I don’t know CSS or php code so I am not able to locate this in the editor myself to fix. Please help.

    Site is (pls keep in mind I just started migrating it over from blogger, 450 posts, and it’s a mess right now).


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  • esmi


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    Untick “Crop images to exact size” in Settings -> Media. Then install and run to regenerate your existing thumbnails.

    Thanks so much for the reply. I followed your instructions but my images still look exactly the same on my site. Is there a way to have them crop from the top too?



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    Did you install and run the plugin after making the change I suggested? Remember to press CTRL and F5 simultaneously when viewing an updated page/site. Or try emptying your browser cache. This should ensure that your web browser fetches a fresh copy of the page rather than serving up an out-dated copy from your own cache.

    Also disable/deactivate any caching plugin(s).

    Thanks for your continued help.

    Yes, I ran the plug-in. I refreshed the window to preview it. I now emptied my cache and still no change. I also regenerated thumbnails through the Arras Theme Options now too but still no change.

    I don’t know which plugins are caching to deactivate them, but I am not using many plugins at all.

    I am using the Arras Theme withOUT timthumb because I couldn’t fix this problem with the timthumb version. Which version will allow me more control?

    I am losing my mind with this problem. If I can’t fix it, I can’t use this site…



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    What dimensions have you set for your thumbnail images in Settings -> Media?

    It is the default 150×150 in Settings > Media.

    Now, Arras Theme has settings for this though with various sizes, here’s what that page says:

    “Thumbnail Options
    Auto Thumbnails Check this to allow the theme to automatically retrieve the first attached image from the post as featured image when no image is specified.

    Thumbnail Sizes
    If you have recently changed your layout or edited the thumbnail sizes, you will need to regenerate your thumbnails.

    Single Post Thumbnail 465 Width 190 Height
    Sidebar Widgets 36 Width 36 Height
    Featured Slideshow 490 Width 225 Height
    Tapestry: Node-Based 230 Width 130 Height
    Tapestry: Quick Preview 115 Width 115 Height”

    I have three of those sizes on my homepage alone. I do have it checked to make thumbnails from the image in the post if featured image is set — I imported 425 posts and don’t want to have to go through all and set a featured image.

    I did not change any of these settings, all are defaults. I am willing to make the “tapestry, node-based” square as well if that will help my problem. However, the single post thumbnail and the Featured Slideshow need to stay at the proportions in the default.

    Thanks again for taking the time to help me! I really appreciate it!



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    I don’t know Arras that well but try changing those thumbnail sizes in the theme’s options. It doesn’t have to be by much – just a few pixels difference in the width & height. Update the theme options and then try re-running the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to see if it will now recreate the images for you.

    If I make them completely square, they crop and resize fine. But if I go back to a rectangular proportion no matter the size, they are cropping in the middle again.

    It doesn’t look right with all square images. I need to figure out how to have it crop from the top. It seems there ought to be some code changes I could make to do that. I can’t be the only one to have this problem. I don’t get much response on the theme’s forum though, if any.

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