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  • Hi
    Thanks for a superb plugin. Im tested it on many diffrent small, new, big, old installs. I Have 2 and 1/2 qustions.

    First :

    – loading the edit page is very “has to wait” with blank page. I understand this, but an “Please wait, loading data” would prevent customers from closing, reclick on menues “Page not working” stressfull behaviour…

    Any ideas how to css a background spinning image here… ?

    — Second —

    One thing in common is that

    – loading the edit thumbnail in edit post, (at the Featured image link) it always open in a browser new tab.

    – loading on edit attachment screen, in edit mode, the button to Edit thumbnail opens the modal, loading-bar shows.., but thenclose it and reload the whole browser page as direct access instead.

    Is this correct behaviour? (the 1/2 qusetion …)

    I need it to open in modal, and NEVER in a new tab. I rather jQuery popup it myself instead, but if there is a -> header redirect, this must be removed with a hook.

    Some point ov views, ideas or feedback with this?

    Thanks! And again for a great work with this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author sewpafly


    Thanks for the feedback. I think that I understand what you’re saying, but let me restate to make sure.

    Expected behavior on start up is a blank area until everything is loaded. I agree that a spinning icon / splash screen, would be a better interface. I’ll add that in the next version.

    Expected behavior from the “Featured Image” box on the edit post screen is to open PTE in a new window/tab. You would like this to have the ability to open in a modal, correct? Currently, this would be difficult because of the integration with the wordpress interface, but I could look into it. I could provide a hook, but right now you would get all the wordpress sidebar and titlebar areas being displayed. This link is actually generated in js/snippets/

    I’m not sure about the edit attachment screen, (I’m thinking → Media Library; then click on edit for the picture), but expected behavior here is if you click the “Edit image” button, you’ll see the PTE button. Clicking on this changes the page to a new page. This is expected behavior. Again, it would be difficult to put the PTE interface into a modal, but if you have a specific request for a hook, I’ll be happy to provide it. This link is actually generated in js/snippets/

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