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    Hi, we have to crons at Cpanel, but seems they are blocked by Wordfence, as server support told us that from their side where correct, but seemed to be blocked by our side.

    We have turned the firewall into learning mode, but seem to be blocked anyway.

    We have read about whitelisting URL, but don´t know what to place at:

    Parameter Type:
    Parameter Name:

    This our cron tasks:

    php -q /home/public.html/

    php -q /home/public.html/

    Thanks for any help, we would really appreciate it 😉

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  • Plugin Support wfdave


    Hi @ibiza69,

    Can you change the cron tasks so that they use an empty auto_prepend_file?

    For example:

    php -q -d auto_prepend_file= /home/public.html/
    php -q -d auto_prepend_file= /home/public.html/

    This should not start Wordfence when running your crons (but Wordfence will still be active for normal visits to your website.


    Hi Dave, thanks a lot for answering 😉

    Dave, we just have to place those at our Cpanel and delete the others? I mean, I don´t know if about the “auto_prepend_file” do we have to do anything.

    Thanks once more!

    Sorry Dave, one more question. About Cron tasks too. We have our wordpress cron file stoped at config.php and placed at Cpanel. You think that maybe Wordfence can block it too? Should I include the auto_prepend_file in the cron task too?


    We have tested those you sended us, but say the same:

    “No input file specified”.

    Seems getting a 403 error, no?

    Plugin Support wfdave


    Hi again,

    I just noticed that in your cronjobs, you were including the query strings with the file.


    This would not work because you’re executing the file locally.

    Can you try the cronjobs again? Except using php-cgi (which would allow query strings)?

    php-cgi -d auto_prepend_file="" /home/public.html/ import_key=NJUUkM9LGY import_id=3 action=trigger
    php-cgi -d auto_prepend_file="" /home/public.html/ import_key=NJUUkM9LGY import_id=3 action=processing

    All I am adding is -d auto_prepend_file="" into your cronjob, it should not be saying No input file specified – that would mean your initial cronjob string would not work.


    Hi Dave, could you please update with the exact command we should run, as yours show this:

    php-cgi -d auto_prepend_file=”” /home/public.html/ import_key=NJUUkM9LGY import_id=3 action=trigger

    php-cgi -d auto_prepend_file=”” /home/public.html/ import_key=NJUUkM9LGY import_id=3 action=processing

    With spaces on them between for example import_key and import_id and after the auto_prepend_file= you have placed a double “”

    So we are confussed on how to place them.

    Thanks a lot for your time and patience.

    Plugin Support wfdave


    Hi again,

    You can copy-paste the exact text as I have written them to see if it works (replace the xxxxx.comw with your actual domain name)

    The auto_prepend_file="" or auto_prepend_file= is the same, it should set the auto_prepend_file to blank.

    Also you do need spaces between the import_key and import_id.




    Thanks a lot! Now it´s working well 😉

    Thank you for all the time dedicated Dave!

    Have a very nice weekend 😉

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