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  • so you are a mac user and u like wordpress 1.5 and u wanna post via email and u wanna have a cronjob auto check wp-mail.php and u want to delete all the ‘mail’ that will build up in your unix mail account –NO PROBLEM!

    i thought i’d share the code u need to check wp-mail.php using ‘os x’ — i’ve also included the code to check if your blog happens to be behind an .htaccess protected directory (simply remove -u username:password if this doesn’t apply to you)

    (1) install developer tools (this installs cron on os x)
    (2) either access crontab using the terminal by typing: crontab -e
    OR download a simple, free app called CronniX which really dumbs it all down even further for you
    (3) edit your cronfile, this script will check wp-mail.php EVERY 5 minutes, every day — change to your preferences:

    */5 * * * * curl -u username:password > /dev/null 2> /dev/null

    remember: u might not need -u username:password if your blog isn’t in a password protected area on your website. ALSO remember the version of cron that comes bundled with dev tools DOES NOT SUPPORT GET, thus the reason u use curl!

    have fun! now someone, please answer my questions why my post via email stopped working out of nowhere!

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