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    Need quick help to setup a server side cron job? I have the wp-cron disabled. Can you tell me whats the command?


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    You must set the cron job, server side or cpanel or contact the support
    a simple cron that visits wp-cron.php every minute.

    Here you can find an example

    Thanks but i should have clarified. I already have that setup.
    I thought if wp-cron is disabled then your plugin may have a specific file that needs to be called server side and setup separately.
    I guess that means if no emails are being sent then it’s not a cron issue. I’ll have to try to figure that out.


    So posting here as per Anke from customer service.

    Emails still aren’t being sent (confirmed not being sent at all with email logs:
    I’ve now tried with wp-cron disabled and re-enabled.
    ywrac_cron is running fine at set interval.
    All other wordpress and plugin emails are sent fine.
    Tested wp_mail() and it works perfectly.
    I can send a test message when editing a email template fine in the plugin.
    Sending a manual email to detected abandoned cart works fine.
    Abandoned carts are detected fine.
    I disabled all plugins and still no email.
    Changed to default WordPress theme and no email.
    Nothing in the wp debug.

    So i’m at a loss really. As i mentioned to customer Anke, i’m going to disable your plugin for now and use another one that works as i’ve spent a week on this and can’t afford to lose sales.
    Let me know if i’m missing something. Thanks

    Edit, when i disabled it and re-enabled it just now, it shot off 2 emails to one of the abandoned carts but not the rest. So i thought it was working but the test cart failed again. No emails sent.

    Plugin Author YITHEMES


    in the free version the cron is used only to set a cart as abandoned as x period of time.
    The email should be sent manually. Only the premium version sends the email automatically.

    You can compare the two version here:

    Geez, so i wasted a week because i keep getting bounced around. With all the info i’ve provided and testing i’ve done, you would think SOMEONE would clue in to the fact that i’m using the premium version. That’s why i had posted in the original spot and customer service told me to continue here.

    But i’m done wasting my time and have removed the plugin and switched to Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce as it works perfectly.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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